Extrusion Capabilities

Whether your company requires closed-cell sponge extrusions, dense extrusions, cut-to-length parts, spliced parts, profiles with adhesive backing, or technical assistance in product development, ACE Extrusion would welcome the opportunity to meet your extruded rubber requirements.

Neoprene Closed Cell Sponge
Sheet Stock

Extruded Rubber Products

Insulation Tapes
Anti Condensation
Freeze Thaw Sealants
Butyl Tapes

Extruded Rubber Products

Custom Formulations
Custom Extrusions
Custom Laminates
Custom Packaging

Extruded Rubber Products

Expansion Sealers
Bonding Tapes
Heat Transfer Sealants
Electrical Tapes

Noise Control
Sound Deadeners
Structural Sealants
Curable Tapes

ACE Extrusion is ready to meet your extruded rubber requirements.

Our custom fabrication and cutting capabilities transform materials into high-quality components.


Our first-class skilled manufacturing team is dedicated to quality product and customer satisfaction.

Strategic Relationships

We strive to create and maintain strategic relationships with industry leaders to ensure quality profile extrusions from product concept to product production and applications.

Quality Control

ACE Extrusion’s Quality System serves to ensure all customer specifications are met or exceeded from development to product production and application.